• Traci Roper

A Day to Remember

October 7, 2017- Exactly one month ago- A day I will never forget!! The official soft launch for R.U.N. Ministries. Something that was initially an act of obedience to God and writing down what He placed on my heart during daily runs. Not knowing that He would lead me to the opportunity via other believers to bring it to life!

The picture you see above is - of course a message from a fortune cookie that I received with one of my favorite cuisines “shrimp fried rice” the day before the event. It reads “This coming Saturday will be an exciting time for you!” Realistically I did not need a 2 cent fortune cookie to confirm what God had already stated to me for confirmation. Or did I? How many times has God presented an opportunity to us but we needed confirmation on top of confirmation from others that it would be successful? That Saturday was indeed one of the most exciting days in my life!! I had a combination of feelings from playing in the SWAC championship game senior year, to graduation, and even from the birth of a child! Now, I can’t say I’ve experienced the latter but I would imagine in the most simplest view; it would be compared to giving birth to something starting from nothing- while nurturing, caring, and preparing it to develop into something!

Again, words can’t be placed to describe the feelings I experienced- from watching my friends and family coordinate in the same color for support, seeing their caring faces, and determination to finish to 2.8 mile challenge that was in store for them! Shout out to those who came- more than anything I just want to again say thank you for your support and dedication to RUN. Remember, this is just the beginning!

At the end of the event individuals were asked to write goal on an index card that would be beneficial to the improvement of their health and place it in the box. We then asked them to take a random card home with them to pray over it and watch Him work! An additional request was made to remember your personal goal and it’s my hope that you did!! Here’s where we pick up - take that goal and write it down on something you look at and meditate on daily Philippians 4:8.

I’ll close by stating that there were so many great moments that I can’t begin to spout for the sake of time. However, my father’s response of the event sits in a very special place in my heart. If you know my father, he’s not the most sentimental guy- “a man’s man” you know? But he sat down beside me and said “Traci- you did so good today, the speech was amazing but it was ever better to see how it motivated everybody that attended including the 70 years olds to complete the 2.8 mile bridge-- but even more, you allowed God to be the center focus”.

Please enjoy attached pictures to relive the moments!

Love & Peace,


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