• Traci Roper

Piece by Peace..

God has been brushing against my heart to write this. You know, like the soft nudge you feel when someone who believes in you taps you on the shoulder and whispers “You can do it”, or even better “I got you”!

Webster describes the word piece as a noun| A. part of a whole; B. any of the individual members comprising of a unit; C. a portion or allocation. From a place of complete transparency, I have found myself asking God how is R.U.N. going to begin to.. Well… run! I don’t make enough posts on social media, my story won’t sell. How will it get to the next level? What is the next level? His answer was “piece by peace”. When taking the definition above an applying it to myself, I had to rethink somethings. I had to remember one of R.U.N.’s founding scriptures and that #1-“I am not my own” (1 Cor. 6:19-20). #2- I am an individual member yet connected /part of Christ who serves as my source of which He provides and decides the portion and allocation- in the meantime find your peace! I can’t count the times, that I found myself up studying, researching, contacting, searching for answers- (maybe I’m the only one that does this). In no way am I saying any of the actions are unsuitable, however; the more I searched I would get further and further away from my source.

Understanding that Health and Wellness have always been near and dear to me, I simply didn’t think I was cut for the job. However, after witnessing diseases haunt those close to me, and recognizing the passion and concern I kept bottled in; I began to feel that soft nudge I mentioned earlier. R.U.N. is created to not just promote but help implement healthy practices through Christ. Once I remembered that, I experienced the peace I initially felt while God reminded me “I got you”!

In Philippians 4:7-8 we are provided with assurance: “The peace of God, which passes all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Paul, the author of Philippians was in prison at the time of this letter to the Philippians. They were a group who honestly loved Christ. However, given their financial circumstances they didn’t feel they satisfied Paul’s needs because they couldn’t get him out of prison. Philippians 4:7 was stated as Paul was trying to provide solace to the Philippians that they may not understand why he’s being held captive but to not try to figure it out because it’s in God’s will. Inner calm or tranquility is promised to us when we have a thankful attitude based on unwavering confidence that God is able and willing to do what is best for His children. It transcends human intellect, analysis, and insight. God's peace guards us from anxiety, doubt, fear, and distress. Paul is not making a distinction between the two- he was giving comprehensive statement referring to the whole inner person, because of the union we have with Christ, He guards our inner being with peace.

Piece by peace starts with placing our full confidence in God and consistently expressing thankfulness regardless of what the picture presents. If we honestly believe that He has overcome the world and knows the plans for our life, why must we worry? To know peace is to allow our heart and mind to be “guarded” by it—despite the no’s, failed partnerships, under-developed ideas etc.

In order to not allow this post to be yet another post, join me in the walk of trusting God in your next promotion, relationship, or success in whatever situation. R.U.N.?

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