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"You Have To Walk Before You Can R.U.N."- Dallas, TX November 24, 2018- Register Now!

My niece Teleah experienced a fractured wrist at the age of 7 months. How is this possible at such a young age I'm sure you're wondering. Well, one day I guess Teleah simply got tired of sitting and decided to run before she could even walk! I mean, we were literally watching TV and she bolted through the living room to unfortunately fall and fracture her wrist. This resulted in 2 months recovery and delayed the initial time it would take her to learn how to walk. What's unique about this, is my niece taught me a valuable lesson- there are stages and processes in life and sometimes we get impatient, pressured by environment, or even overly confident which establishes a desire to want to move faster than natural stages. I too, suffered from the same series of events but involved my whole exercise regime (or lack thereof). After college, it was extremely hard to workout- I would try to workout, overdue it, and not attempt for months!! Being a college athlete I sometimes felt as though I should be able to do much more physically than I had conditioned myself to do. This led to aches, pains, and inconsistency! People sometimes ask me how'd I become a "runner" my answer is always lengthy but it goes a little something like this. I started walking on the treadmill first. I made sure not to overdue it which is why I walked then I gradually started running until my body said stop! I didn't care if it was a half of mile, I'd stop and come back the next day. Then as my endurance built up, I eventually got to running a whole mile without stopping. That's big for me because in college I was running (walking) a 16 minute mile, embarrassing I know! Eventually I got to 2 miles, then 3.. working on 4, sometimes stopping- sometimes not. Mind you when I got to college in 2004 I weighed 130 lbs, by sophomore year I was about 160 lbs, I'm pretty sure before graduation (2008) I was tapping 170 lbs. I started graduate school in fall 2008 and weighed about the same. This was immediately after ACL surgery. So I lost the weight during the course of 2 years. Then I graduated from graduate school, went back to Little Rock (home), got in a heavy 4 year relationship ate, drank, and was merry right? Picked it back up and lost it again after the breakup around 2014. I know you didn't ask all that but I feel God used this to show me how life's circumstances affect our bodies and how He has a way of reminding us that our body is His temple and if we don't take care of it who will? The beautiful thing about all of this is that I recognized God was speaking and walking with me the entire time. He placed specific people in my life to reintroduce me to the nature of walking/running by simply inviting me to events etc. Through a pattern of practiced obedience and surrendering to the Spirit (not always perfect), I experienced the freedom of saying yes to more customized eating habits/exercise and saying no to indulgences that previously left me feeling defeated, discouraged, and unsatisfied.

1 John 1:7 states But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, cleanses us from all sin. God began to uncover the "unnecessary roughness" I was placing on my body and discover small adjustments that turned into lifestyle changes! As I'm now a Certified Health Coach one of the things that stood out to me most during training was "consistent baby steps create giant leaps"! My now 10 year old niece Teleah walks and runs perfectly fine, the temporary delay may have discouraged her to try again back in the day but she probably doesn't even remember the incident! What's been holding you back from taking the next step to conquering your weight loss, exercise, or overall health goal? Fear, impatience, inconsistency, uncertainty?

Join us on November 24, 2018 at 10:00 am at the Ronald Kirk bridge in Dallas, TX where we will be walking to promote health and wellness in His name! We promise you will leave encouraged and inspired. I have one last question, Are You In?

See you there!!!

Traci Roper, Founder R.U.N. Ministries www.run-ministries.org

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