• Traci Roper

It's that time again!! Our annual Walk/R.U.N.!

I did not plan on writing anything today but to allow the video to speak for itself. However, there must be something that I need to release from my heart because I accidentally deleted the first message and I'm still trying to write! This message is for anyone who has a dream and whether you're in pursuit of it or pondering on it. Just do something! It's not by chance this has been one of my "most quoted" terms. It speaks volumes to me because if we don't start making baby steps to our goal how can we expect to see progress? I humbly admit that R.U.N's annual walk/run was only a dream/thought a year ago that I raised doubts upon but the way things fell in place are shocking!! This sounds like I'm doubting God huh? Not at all!! God's so big and His blessings match!! So in its most simplistic form- trust God and just do something!! (2 Corinthians 8:10- ISV)

Blessings and Peace!


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