• Traci Roper

One Simple Change that Improved My Health!

Hey there! I know many of you have recognized my intense passion in improving not just my health, but my family’s health, and even yours. I just learned a simple way to add 30 fruits and vegetables to my diet and it makes sense to me! Recently I ran into a product called Juice Plus and decided to give it a try based on the extensive scientific research and testimonials. Well, I’ve been taking it since December 2018 and I have already seen improvements in my energy level and using my asthma inhaler less. I went from using 2 inhalers a month to not using my inhaler since the end of December! Not to mention, last November my niece Teleah received a doctor’s order to refrain from gymnastics activities due to her uncontrollable asthma and returned the beginning of January after taking Juice Plus gummies! (Oh and did I mention her’s are free due to their Child Study?) More than anything I now have peace of mind knowing that I’m receiving the necessary intake of vegetables and fruit in the most natural powder form- in a vegan, gluten-free, NSF approved capsule! So much so that I became a distributor!

I’d feel like I was holding back a major secret if I didn’t share the knowledge and benefits of these products with you. The results are NOT limited to asthma but yet have led others to improvement in different illnesses and overall better health! If you have any questions- I’d be happy to answer them for you. Please watch the video below - you'll be amazed! #health#wellness#RUN#fun#nutrition#condition#fruition#JuicePlus

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