• Traci Roper

What You Have All Been Waiting for..

Hey, there! I want to start by thanking each of you for believing and supporting R.U.N.'S vision. Classifying this as dream would demean the divine blessings that God has provided to make all this possible. As a reminder, God placed RU.N. Ministries on my heart almost 3 years ago and through its baby steps we've been able to see growth and ways to continue to provide inspiration and motivation for women to live healthier lives mentally and physically through Christ.

Our new online Health Coaching Program perfectly aligns by creating 7- weeks of curriculum that includes hands-on coaching, nutrition information, grocery lists, workout plans, etc. However, the most essential part of the program is its biblical foundation. The program helps foster a deeper understanding of how living mentally, physically, and spiritually in sync helps achieve desired health goals!

So what does this mean for you? Well for starters, you are the first to receive word that it's going to be available on June 12th but also offer you the opportunity to participate in our "Pray Your Way to Better Health" 5-day Challenge for free beginning June 7th! There will be limited spaces so we've created a wait list that you can access by clicking the picture below!

You don't want to miss this- the Time is Now!

Peace and Blessings!

-Coach Traci

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