• Traci Roper

It’s not too late, it starts today!!

It’s not too late, it starts today!!

Ever envisioned yourself being, looking, and feeling healthy without having to skip meals, starve yourself or eat rice cakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Or having the energy to live the life you truly desire for your family, friends, but most importantly yourself?

Thinking back to when I first committed to becoming a better version of myself I had no idea where to start. I tried almost every diet under the sun and even almost convinced myself that a little alteration under the needle wouldn’t be so bad. I still remember feeling super stressed, depressed, and overweight with no hope.

You see, I fell into the trap of starting to feel sorry for myself and blaming others for my inability to commit to making changes to create the life I truly wanted. And more than that, I had no idea what I actually wanted!

But sometimes it takes that face to the pavement or that moment where you feel like #1 there must be something bigger than this out there and #2 the realization that if I want to do this, I can't do it own my own.

Thanks to the foundation that was instilled in me at a young age, I knew I needed to seek God wholly because at points I was running from Him- not only had I gotten off track but I wasn’t strong enough to commit to making the changes needed to live the healthy life I desired but MOST importantly to give Him Glory. Like how could I ask him of my purpose and not even be in good enough shape to push it out?

And then the truth of Proverbs 8:17 really came to life which states “those who seek me, find me”! Aren’t we glad His word never turns void! Although this was the short-handed version of my testimony God truly uncovered my purpose and passion to develop this online program to help you not only make the physical transformation you desire but spiritually enhance your relationship with Christ and understand why and how it’s all intertwined!

I mean, If I knew then what I do now, it would have save me soooo much time, sorrow, and my sanity!

That's why I'm hosting this FREE Pray your Way to Better Health 5-day Challenge!

Click below to join the FREE 5-day challenge to get your journey started right away =>> https://livinginsyncacademy.com/challenge-sign-up/

I created this challenge so women can stop procrastinating, jumping from diet to diet trying to piece together their Janet Jackson 6-pack body and truly place the attention on WHO matters and see how the rest follows!

This is your opportunity.

The Time is Now (Esther 4:14)

And your chance to finally TAKE ACTION and pray for release in those areas that’s been holding you back from shedding that excess weight and emotional baggage for good!

Join your fellow action takers and discover my exact prayer strategy =>>https://livinginsyncacademy.com/challenge-sign-up/

Peace & Blessings!

-Coach Traci

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