• Traci Roper

Join Me on this Journey to better Health- Today!!

Believe it or not, I don't like posting 😖.. and I don't like putting myself out there "like that" or like this! Recently I had to make a major perspective shift. I went from saying what I didn't want to do or didn't like to do to - and shifted to what I know I've been called to do. My weight loss (and weight gain) journey- I'm sure is the same for many women. It fluctuates, it depends on my stress levels, hormone levels etc. There are so many things that can discourage me through this process, although not perfect what I won't be is disobedient! So I post to show the challenge truly works, I post to show what I truly believe in above all else! #IamNotmyOwn#Christ Listen, I actually did lose 4lbs 29 inches total during the 21 Day Challenge. Reminding you that the Challenge is open and if you have a slight desire to give it a try, it's a sure sign that the time is now! There's also a major bonus included!!! #suchAtimeAsthis#Esther4:14#mindbodyspirit #fitnessjourney#lifestylechange#womenshealthmatters

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