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"Prayers from my Sister to our Sisters"

Updated: Mar 8

At the peak of the new year, I was lacking a bit of motivation-honestly. I felt amazing with a new job, relationships, and health were all going great. However, I still didn't have my "leaving ___ in 2019 and taking ___ into 2020 speech and even worse, no “2020 vision”. Part of me wanted to get down on myself but I'm thankful I didn't allow that to take over all my thoughts.

I'd been praying for a boost, a potential partnership to assist with the blog and social media to stay involved and keep motivation going although I lacked it. Then an email came through from my spiritual sister Kenyada. She and I met through a prayer call a few years back. For some reason, we clicked! She happened to move to Dallas and we share a lot of the same interests, experiences etc. She's definitely spiritual firecracker with an exceptional ability to write exactly what God places on her heart. And that's exactly what she started doing when I received that much needed email with a prayer that I felt was specific to me!

As she continued to send one prayer a day, I started to recognize that the prayers may not only be helpful to me but also for many of my other spiritual sisters! That's why I'm sharing this with you, she and I have collaborated and we want you to be blessed by her prayers as well!

So here's how it'll work. Weekly I'll send out an email with these amazing prayers. It'll be accompanied with a post on social media and Facebook. All we ask is that you share how each prayer blessed you and invite others to subscribe to each of our blogs so others can be blessed as well. That simple! We are placed on this earth to be stewards and help others so our savior Jesus Christ can get the glory. So I won't hold you any longer. Please enjoy “Prayers from my Sister to our Sisters” and share the blessings- stay tuned!!

Read and subscribe to Kenyada's blog at https://myheartyourjourney.wordpress.com/


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